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New Jelly Colours.

The new Jelly Decals are now available in the LCW and Deep series. These holographic decals reflect light as different colours in the spectrum, depending on the angle of refraction, changing as the spoon moves in the water.


New Multi-colour stripes.

New stripe decaled patterns are now available in the LCW, Deep and Geneva. These diagonal accents of colour on the genuine silver and 24 Karat gold finishes offer another option in presentation.


Redesigned glow patterns.

The redesigned glow patterns offer a larger area of glow paint with a traditional 1/2 & 1/2 glow & colour accent finish. The glow is a new longer lasting  formulation. Painted on a genuine silver finish the backs of the Glow selection spoons offer the unmatched reflection of genuine silver. They are available in the LCW and LCWD Deep selections.



The Lake Clear Wabbler celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2020. Many others have imitated it but never duplicated the effectiveness of the original. It was so effective that it became a lure style of its own with similar lures offered by numerous manufacturers, including Williams with the Flasher series. It remains the original and maintains its place as the angler favourite for trout.


The original Wabbler was cut out of a headlight bezel with a pair of tin snips in 1920 by Mr. H. Robare, a French Canadian fishing guide at Clear Lake in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. He was looking to improve his odds and that he did.  News of his success soon got around and Mr. Robare started making more of these lures and christened them “The Lake Clear Wabbler™”.



Mr. Arthur Freer of Gilbertsville NY acquired the lake Clear Wabbler business on December 16, 1957. Mr. freer had been an outdoor products salesman in the region and knew of the reputation of the Lake Clear Wabbler. He maintained the business until in 1985 he sold the business to Mr. Thomas Delaney Sr.. Thomas sr.  expanded the selection and added painted colour finishes and new items to the selection, growing the business. In 1998 his son Thomas Delaney acquired it from his father. Thomas jr. also expanded the selection adding glow finishes.


In February 2014 Brecks acquired the business. The equipment, dies and all assets of the company were transported to our facilities where we also manufacture Williams, Mooselook and Savant lures. Our claim to fame is the quality genuine silver and 24 Carat gold finishes found on the original Williams lures. Brecks established its own state of the art plating facility following the acquisition of the Williams brand in 1989. These finishes are now found on our other brands as well, including Lake Clear.


Nothing reflects any and all available light like silver. A chrome or nickel finish often referred to as “silver” reflects a gray cast in as little depth as a few feet. Visibility compared to genuine silver in low light conditions is literally night and day. Gold has much better reflective qualities than brass often referred to as “gold”. Our finishes are protected by an outer plated  coat called “electroclear” on our silver, ½ & ½ and copper lures which is baked in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. This process renders the lures virtually tarnish proof and will not yellow with age.


Do our finishes cost a bit more. Yes they do. Are they a better lure, we believe so and know they are that much more effective. Are you worth it? We think so. Lures built by anglers for anglers. Lures that have always been proudly made in North America!



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