An original design dating from1922. While sorting through the numerous lure styles at one time produced by the Alphabet lure company, acquired by Lake Clear many years ago, we came across this gem, an original in this design. The Geneva (the design’s original name) is most often used as an attractor spoon. We made a slight modification to the size and curvature to maximize the action of the lure and are reintroducing the original Geneva design spoon.


Using the same presentation as a Lake Clear Wabbler, followed by an 18” to 24” leader with hook and bait or trailing fly, it is deadly on trout and other species. The Geneva’s weighting, at the back of the spoon in the larger and thus heavier tail end also make it a candidate for a traditional spoon presentation by adding a treble or siwash hook. It casts well and has a wide side to side action. It is a very effective lake trout and pike spoon.


The Geneva comes in the trademark genuine Silver and 24K Gold finishes our brands are renowned for. Nothing reflects any and all available light like Silver. The Geneva delivers on flash and plenty of vibration with a wide side to side thump.



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