Kits are an ideal gift item for Holidays and or Birthdays for your favourite angler. They are also perfect for a weekend outing. Lake Clear 3 lures kits offer by series assortments as well as a mixed series option of favourite colours in the; Classic original LCW1, heavier DEEP series LCWD or Geneva G22 and a one of each, assorted option to round out the offering to four.


Lake Clear spoons are trout favourites. Fished as attractor spoons followed by an 18 to 24 inch leader and baited hook or smaller lure or fly. The brand currently holds the NY State Speckled Trout record and has broken it 7 times. Don’t limit the Lake Clear to Speckled Trout. They are effective for any trout species, Kokanee, Bass, Walleye, Perch… The key is to troll the lure slowly. A side to side motion of the spoon is what you are looking for. If the spoon is rotating you are travelling too fast. Slow down and get ready to catch some fish!






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