The original design Wabbler at 3-1/8”length x 1-1/2” width, weighing 1/3 oz. The larger wide bodied shape of the LCW1 offers plenty of flash and a wide side to side movement which imparts a darting motion to the trailing bait or fly. Most effective trolled slowly and a perennial trout favourite, followed by a 12 to 24 inch leader and baited hook or fly.


Offered in a variety of colour choices.  The original metallic silver, copper and gold finishes in mirror or Nuwrinkle “hammered” which effectively doubles the surface area of the lure, are very popular.


Proven single and multi colour patterns (Blue, Orange, Chartreuse, Red…) can be very effective on different days and under different water or light conditions.  The 1/2 & 1/2 Glow finishes with a silver back offer longer lasting glow paints and plenty of visibility. Ideal for low light conditions or stained waters.


The new taped accent finishes on a Genuine silver or 24 Carat gold background offer another option. The diagonal mutlicoloured stripes have proven very popular and effective. Classic presentations that were missing int he Lake Clear selection. The "Jelly" colours offer a holographic effect with the accent tapes changing colours as the spoon moves through the water, depending on the angle of light refraction. Different hues in the spectrum of; Yellows, Oranges, Blues and Purples vary depending on the base colour of the decal.




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