Successful anglers have counted on LAKE CLEAR for a century. The Original design attractor wabbler spoon. Quality is our standard.
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Silver Mirror Gold Mirror Copper Mirror Silver Blue Silver Red Silver Chartreuse Copper Orange Half & Half Copper & Silver Mirror Half & Half Gold & Silver Mirror Half & Half Copper & Silver Nu-Wrinkle Half & Half Gold & Silver Nu-Wrinkle Blue Top Orange Top Chartreuse Top Glow Blue & Red Glow Orange & Chartreuse Glow Raspberry & Black Glow Chartreuse & Red Night Vision Orange Monkey Candied Ice Silver Orange
S Silver Mirror
G Gold Mirror
COP Copper Mirror
S/BLU Silver Blue
S/RED Silver Red
S/CH Silver Chartreuse
S/OR Silver Orange
C/OR Copper/Orange
HHSC 1/2 & 1/2 Copper & Silver Mirror
HHSG 1/2 & 1/2 Gold & Silver Mirror
HHSCN 1/2 & 1/2 Copper & Silver Nu-Wrinkle
HHSGN 1/2 & 1/2 Gold & Silver Nu-Wrinkle
NGVS Night Vision Silver back
ORMK Orange Monkey Gold back
CDIC Candied Ice Silver back
EB Blue Top Silver Back
ORAN Orange top Silver back
CH Chartreuse top Silver back
GLB Glow Blue/Red Silver base
GLOR Glow OR/CH Silver base
GLRP Glow Raspberry/BL Silver base
GLCH Glow CH/Red Silver base
Black Chartreuse
BKCH Black Chartreuse Silver back
Blue Zone
BLZN Blue Zone Silver back
WTML Watermelon Silver back
Black Orange
BKOR Black Orange Silver back
Silver Mirror Silver Mirror Silver Mirror
YO Yellow & Orange Silver back
FT Firetiger Silver back
Watermelon Watermelon