Precious metals in fishing

About our 24K Gold and Genuine Silver finishes


Nothing reflects light like precious metals. A chrome or nickel finish, often referred to as “silver” reflects a gray cast in as little as a few feet of water. Visibility compared to genuine silver in low light conditions is literally night and day. A similar phenomenon happens when you compare pure, 24K gold to brass. At Brecks, we are convinced that the quantity and quality of light reflected has a direct impact on your fishing success.  This is why we use genuine silver and 24kt gold to plate our spoons.


Brecks uses state of the art, environmentally friendly plating facilities to add this extra reflectance to our lures.  Our qualified and experienced plating technicians apply multiple different preparation coats to ensure a perfect smooth surface for the final finish. The final plating is done with extra care to ensure the most perfect light reflection.  After this, our silver, half and half and copper plated finishes are protected by an outer plated coat called “electroclear”.  This is baked in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. This process renders the lures virtually tarnish proof and will not yellow with age. The gold plated lures are naturally resistant to tarnishing and do not need this protective coat.


Do our finishes cost a bit more? Yes they do. Are they a better lure? We believe so. Are they more effective? We know it.



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